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All Good MGMT is a talent management company specializing in the realms of music and influencers.


With the music side of things we have over two decades of experience in various positions within the music industry, we have been actively involved in major record label operations and have played a pivotal role in building some of the most successful music production and publishing companies here in Finland.

In the field of music, we assist artists, composers, and music producers in finding their unique career paths and identities as creators. Recognizing that each artist and composer is an individual with distinct goals and dreams, we tailor our support and guidance to meet their specific needs. Our expertise lies in crafting success stories, acknowledging that these achievements take time and dedication. We believe in long-term collaboration and often stand by the artist's side as steadfast partners throughout their journey.

Our proven track record includes building successful artist narratives and helping music creators and composers realize their dreams in the realm of music and music projects. In the music production domain, we are extensively involved also in media music, catering to clients ranging from major agencies and brands to production companies.

If you are an artist in need of guidance in your career, a composer seeking new challenges, or a producer looking for your lost soul, feel free to reach out. We are kind and constantly on the lookout for new talents with whom we can collectively achieve success!


All Good MGMT also manages influencers.


We operate on the commercial side of influencer marketing, with most valuable and biggest brands as our clients, producing hundreds of collaboration campaigns annually.


We assist you in discovering your own influencer identity, building and strengthening your voice in the influencer space. We ensure you can focus on creating impactful content effortlessly and provide an efficient and easy way to execute campaigns.

We negotiate projects and handle the operational communication on your behalf. With strong ties to media and the entertainment industry, we guide you through the ups and downs and challenges that might come with public exposure.


We offer support at every stage of your influencer career, fostering long-term, diverse growth with all your different goals noted.


If you feel you could benefit from assistance in your influencer journey, feel free to reach out.


Our belief in talent and people is at the core of everything we do. Through our actions, we aim to support art, artists, and help talents realize their commercial potential.

We strive to be a reliable pioneer, fostering trust in the future, collaboration, openness, and tolerance.

We let our expertise, work, and projects speak for themselves.

We shake up, innovate, and challenge existing models, keeping our gaze firmly fixed on the future.

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